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Woman teaching at schoolTo get a teaching job is definitely not easy anymore. Governments decided to pump more money into educational system, what leads to the growing interest for this position. Interview questions and answers for teachers should help you to be well prepared and increase your chances of getting a job.

People interviewing teachers are not HR professionals in most of the cases. You should keep this on your mind. You can easily get the job by creating a good relation with the interviewer. To show respect is also highly advisable during job interview for teaching position. You should also ensure to have all the diplomas and certificates with you. Principals like to look at that.

Good teaching references can support your application strongly. Do not be afraid to talk about your experience and your students. At the end of the day, teachers should really love their job and have good relations with students. Anyway, let’s have a look at some questions and answers now.


List of widely used interview questions and answers for teachers you can not afford to miss


Question 1: Why did you decided for a position of a teacher?

Good answer: Mention your honest interest for teaching and the meaningful purpose you can see in this job. To say that you are good in teaching the others can also only help you.


Question 2: Why do you think you are a good applicant for this job.

Good answer: You should focus on the following things while answering this question:

  • Your love to the profession
  • Your expertize in your field and can really teach the students something valuable
  • Your skill to teach the others, which should be backed by stories and references


Question 3: Why do you want to teach at our institution?

Good answer: Now it is time to use few honest compliments. All the teachers believe that their schools are perfect. It does not matter if it is true or not. They believe it is so. You should check the website of the school before the interview and look for things you can compliment. Achievements of the students, system of education, etc. Compliment it and win the hearts of your interviewers.


Question 4: What are your salary expectations?

Good Answer: Let’s face it. Teaching is not the best paid profession in the US. However, you should not ask for a good salary. Simply say that you are ready to stick to the salary tables they use. Later, you can make good extra cash at most of the schools. The key is to get involved into projects.


Question 5: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Many interview questions and answers fir teachers tend to be general questions. It is mostly caused by the fact that people interviewing teachers are not HR professionals. You can check out more of these typical interview questions on our website.
Good Answer: However, to answer it well in the teaching interview, you should:

  • Choose the weaknesses that are not important for teachers
  • Choose the strengths that are crucial for teaching job


Speaking concretely, strengths like ability to listen, communication skills, responsibility, patience and honesty are good to use as your answer. And what about the weaknesses? To be authoritative, directive or over friendly to students are good weaknesses for teachers. In fact, some employers may even consider these as strengths.

Use our list of interview questions and answers for teachers for your advantage. Become a good teacher and do your job well. The future of your students is on stake. We wish you good luck in your teaching career.

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