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To be interviewed for an executive position is always a bit special. In most of the cases, not only the questions differ a lot to the typical interview. The interviewing panel typically consists of other high executives from the company. And to impress these people, you will need more than just your resume…

In this article we have a look at some tough interview questions for executives that are commonly asked at this level. We will also advise you how to satisfy the people in the room with your answers. All you need to do is a clear vision, positive attitude and understanding of the mindset of an executive. So let’s have a look at it.


Five tough executive interview questions and how to answer it

two people in executive interview

Question 1: What is your management philosophy?

A good executive always has his philosophy. You should have your own way how to do things. You should also have a clear vision what you want to achieve in the company and which direction you plan to take it. At this point, it is time to present your vision. Do it clearly, to the point and speak like you already had this job.


Question 2: Why should we choose you?

In 90 cases out of every 100, there will be just top quality applicants interviewed for executive position. So it is a tough task to decide, for the employers also. You need to show them why exactly you are the top applicant while answering these personal questions. In this case, good personal references and working achievements related to the position should do a good job for you.


Question 3: What characterize a good executive in current economic climate?

Nearly all the companies are experiencing challenging times nowadays. They need an executive with the right abilities and attitudes to get out of troubles. So, problem solving ability, creative thinking and ability to make difficult decisions should be a good answer.


Question 4: Why did you leave your last job (want to leave your present job)?

Fresh graduates do usually not become executives. So most of the applicants for executive position are either unemployed or thinking about changing the job. To answer these form of questions about leaving a job, you should not speak only about better salary.
First of all, you need to be honest. If you were fired from your previous job, recruiters would know it. So do not try to lie. Anyway, try to focus more on the future then on the past. New challenges, preference to brand or even a simple human desire to change the company are good reasons to leave your job and apply for this one.


Question 5: When are you able to start?

As an executive, you should have an ability to act quickly. You need to be able to take decisions anytime. When can you start the job is in fact a buying question. Smile should appear on your face once they ask it. And the vest answer? It is tomorrow of course!

Besides these executive interview questions, you can have a look at some interview questions for managers or check out interviews for other managerial and executive positions to improve your chances in the interview.

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