Happy help desk operator is working. We can see him sitting in front of a computer, with headphones and microphone, ready to help the people who need his help. He wears white shirt and black jacketYou will deal mostly with behavioral and technical questions in your help desk interview. Your goal is to convince the interviewers of both your technical and soft skills (unless you have good communication and problem-solving skills, they won’t hire you).

Behavioral questions will test your soft skills, and the technical questions your readiness for the job, your readiness to help the final users of the computers. Let’s have a look at some common questions right now.


Common questions for help desk specialists

Question 1: What has been your worst experience with help desk support?
Recall a situation when you were unable to solve the problem, or a situation when the final user were extremely unhappy about your suggestions. Admit that you make mistakes, and show the interviewers that you actually learn from your mistakes. If you apply for your first job, talk about a bad experience you had trying to help one of your peers or schoolmates.

Question 2: An end user calls you that their computer is very slow for the last three days. Describe the process of troubleshooting.
Try to outline the steps you would take with the user. You would likely ask them additional questions, such as what programs they installed/uninstalled before the problem occurred, to check the memory load in the task manager, you may ask them to restart the computer, etc.

Question 3: How would you solve a conflict with the end user? (Describe a conflict you had with one of the users)
Mention that you always try to avoid conflicts with the users. If a conflict happened, however, say that you would try to understand the customer and think on the same wavelength as they do, and identify the real cause of their problem. Your attitude matters the most in your answer.

Job interview in a small company. Two interviewers, one job candidate.Question 4: What would motivate you in this job to deliver an excellent service day in day out?
You can say that you like the nature of the job, that you love to help the other people with their computers. Alternatively you can say that programs and systems do evolve all time, the problems of end users differ, and that the ever-present change and diversity of this job motivates you.

Question 5: Imagine a stupid customer, someone who struggles to understand even the very basic instructions you give them. What would you do in such a case?
You can say that you would try to use a very simple language, comparisons, charts and tables if possible, to demonstrate what they should do. And if that did not help, you would send a technician to the place, to solve the problem on-site.


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