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Help desk interview questions are the key part of any interview for this position. Usually, these questions are mostly related to the job you are applying for. Interviewers try to uncover the level of your soft skills, particularly those soft skills that are essential for every good help desk assistant.
Happy help desk operator answered all interview questions

Apart from your responds to the targeted and typical questions, recruiters observe also your level of patience, calmness, your ability to listen and other personal characteristics. So while you are in the interview, focus strongly on your presence there and try to look like an ideal, patient smiley and communicative help desk assistant. But back to the questions now…

Five most common help desk interview questions and answers

Question 1: What has been the worst ever experience for you as a help desk assistant?
This is really a tough question. Prefer to not say that some customer was rude to you, or that he touched you personally and you had serious troubles to deal with that. Good help desk assistant should be able to resolve such situations.
Simply try to remember on a concrete situation that left both you and the customer unhappy or strongly unsatisfied, and describe them the situation. To be specific is a the most important factor here.

Question 2: What do you consider as three key abilities of an ideal help desk assistant.
When answering these sort of questions, we subconsciously tend to mention our own abilities. That’s why recruiters love to ask it. Anyway, to mention the ability to listen to the others, the ability to clearly and simply present your thoughts and the ability to be patient would be good.

Question 3: How would you solve a conflict with the customer?
Well, people are people, and sometimes just have a bad mood. As an ideal help desk assistant, you should mention in the first place that you always do your best to avoid conflicts. Secondly, if a conflict occurs, you try to understand the customer and think on the same wavelength as he thinks. After, you are able to solve most of the conflicts. We speak more about similar questions in customer service interview questions article.

Question 4: What motivates you on a job of help desk assistant?
Honestly, this job can be quite repetitive. That’s why help desk interview questions about motivation are not easy to answer… But if you really want this job, you should simply respond to it saying that you love to help other people to solve problems and simply make them feel better. Or you can say that you simply prefer routine jobs in general.

Question 5: Imagine a very stupid customer, that struggles to understand a word you are telling him. What would you do in such a case?
This is  a hard situation that is just rarely resolve in a real help desk support job. But to say that you will try to design a list of simple steps and then go with the customer through every single step until he gets the point, is a advisable answer.


It is not easy, I know… If you want to see brilliant answers to all common help desk interview questions, and much more, check out this interview package. Thank you!

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