It takes quite an effort to earn a Degree in Medicine, or in Pharmacy. Once you finally succeed to graduate from the University, you face yet another obstacle–a job interview, and your competitors, dozens of young, hungry, motivated, and eager people who want to get the job you want to have.

Who will succeed? Who will walk away with a new employment contract? In most cases it will be the one who prepared well for their interview, and gave brilliant answers to the questions of the interviewers. The articles in this section of should help you to become such a job applicant. Enjoy!

  • Pharmacist Interview Questions – More than ten people people submit their application for every single pharmacist job opening. Learn how to outclass them and get a job.
  • CNA Interview – With the recent boom of nursing homes and other care facilities, CNA has become a popular career choice. Learn what to expect in your interview.
  • Medical Receptionist – While you do not need a special qualification for this job, you will have to present the right attitude and personality in your interview.
  • Medical Assistant – On the border of healthcare and administrative, medical assistant is an interesting career choice for people who want to be involved in healthcare, but for some reason they do not want (or can not) become nurses of doctors.
  • Nursing Interview – Education, experience, attitude, or motivation? Which one matters the most in nursing job interview?
  • Occupational Therapist – Situational and behavioral questions, and a practical test of your skills await you in your occupational therapist interview.
  • Phlebotomy Interview – You won’t compete with many job seekers for this position, but you also won’t find many job openings. Can you get a job in your very first interview?
  • Physical Therapist Interview – Can you handle both the therapy methods they use, and the interview questions they will challenge you with?
  • Physician Assistant Interview.

If you are look for an article on social work interview, you will find it here. And if you try to prepare for an interview at the University (medical school), check the college and uni interviews section. Thank you.