Four people are stressed in a job interview. Their body language betrays their stress.Group interview is a time effective way of interviewing job applicants.

If you are invited for a group interview, you should know a few things:

  • Companies do not conduct group interviews to compare the applicants in a situation of direct confrontation. They conduct group interviews to save time and money.
  • You will not get any difficult behavioral questions in a group interview. They will ask only some screening questions, and you can also deal with a role play, or a simple personality test.
  • In some cases (when you apply for a position in a team, let’s say sales team, or marketing team), the interviewers may assign group tasks or case studies, and will observe your teamwork.

Let’s have a look at some good tips for your group interview.


Tips for group interviews

1. Cooperation is better than competition

Remember that the interviewers do not compare your interview answers with the answers of other applicants. Each application is considered individually, and at the end of the day, all of you can get the job with the company….

Speak with the other applicants, help them if they need help, show some sympathy and friendship. Try to demonstrate that you are a team player, that it is a pleasure to be your colleague.


Four job candidates are waitin for their interview. We can se two men and two women, all dressed in beutiful clothes2. Focus only on your answers

Some job applicants will change their interview answer in a last minute, just becasue someone else said what they wanted to say. This is a mistake.

You should try to stand out in an interview–but with good answers. They do not necessarily have to be unique, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. You should say what you wanted to say–your good interview answer, the one you prepared upfront, regardless of what other candidates say or do. Focus on your answers only.


3. Get ready for a test

A group interview is an ideal setting for a written test. They can check your knowledge of the company culture or their core business (this is a common test with Airline companies), your language skills, your IQ, or your personality.

You can not prepare for a personality test in advance, but you can definitely learn more about their company, to be ready for other tests.


4. Try to get the most of this opportunity

If you get a chance, try to speak with the interviewers. Ask them about the next steps of the recruitment process, ask question about their company, show enthusiasm and interest for the job.

Group interview is typically just the first stage of an interview process. Your main goal is therefor not to sign a job contract, but to get an invitation for the next round. Keep this goal in mind, try to present yourself in a good way, and prepare for the most common screening questions..


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