Just a little group interviewEspecially in the marketing and management, group interview is commonly used form of interviewing applicants. Employers use this form to test your ability to work in a team, but also to distinguish if you are a natural leader, or if you just prefer to follow and support ideas of the others. We will try to give you several good tips, so you know what to do there to be the chosen one at the end of the day and to sell yourself to the employers.

To compare the skills and abilities of applicants in a real time is definitely the easiest way how to understand who from the applicants is the best match for the job. So for employers, group interview is an easy one. But what about you, as a job seeker? Let’s have a look at it more in detail.


Winning tips for a group job interview

The tricky thing about the group interview is that you should co-operate with the same applicants you compete with for a job… Not everyone can handle this task. The truth is that most applicants fail in the group forms of job interview. So let’s have a look at few tips that should help you to be the exception that proves the rule.


1. Build a good relation with other members of a group interview.

If you have an ability to do so, shake the hands with other interviewed applicants. Speak with them, keep eye contact, make few practical jokes… Try to build a good relation with them. One of the main deciding points the interviewers observe is how would you go along with your colleagues. To present that you do not have any problem to be with and work with different personalities will play in your favor.


2. Less is sometimes more...

Following some stupid group interview tips, some applicants believe that they shall do as much as possible. Given a group case study, they use to lead a team immediately. They make a noise. They want to be noticed. But this is not the winning approach.

In group interview, employers do not count the number of words and tasks each candidate told and performed. They are bored from talkers. Do not try to talk just because you want them to remember you. Talk just when you have something important to tell. Speak less, but always to the point.


3. Support other team members

Encourage and motivate the other members in the group. If someone has a good idea, compliment him. Confirm people in their statements, stating that you agree with their opinions. Listen to the others. Doing so, you are presenting you as an ideal team worker. And that is exactly what group interview is all about – to identify such workers…


4. Take part in the presentation and appraise other team members

Once your team work is over, you should usually present your solution to the interviewing panel. There are certain group interview tips that advice you to lead the presentation and stress what things you have done and what ideas you brought. But this is not the right approach. To appraise the work of a whole team and individual members of it (not you), you will blow the mind of recruiters away in positive matters.

Demonstrate your great communication skills, and show that you are able to appraise the work of the others and motivate the others.



Women working together in group interviewSome people believe that if they take all the action in the group interview and speak as much and as loudly as they can, they will stand from the crowd. And they are right. They will stand from the crowd. But they will not get the job. What do you want to achieve in the group interview? Do you want to stand from the crowd or to get a job?
If you want to get a job, follow our tips.

Speak less, but to the point. Encourage and confirm the other member of the team and communicate with them. Bring in the creative ideas. And in the presentation, speak about the work of the team and appraise ideas of concrete members of the team. Following these group interview tips, you can easily get the job at the end of the session.

Note: Individual presentation and case studies, where candidates solve a problem individually and then also individually present the solution are also a part of a group interview. But at this point, it makes no sense to speak about cooperation with the others. You should act the same way as you would in the classical¬† interview…

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