Graphic design interview questions and tips

Graphic design belongs to the most popular job fields, and you will typically compete for the job with at least several skilled designers. In order to succeed, you will need two things:

  • good answers to the questions of your interviewers
  • a portfolio that demonstrates your design skills in practice

The portfolio is indeed crucial. A candidate who gives good interview answers (not excellent, but good) and presents a great portfolio (one that suits the job offer, one that shows the value they brought to their former clients and employers with their design work), will often be the one who gets the job.

Nevertheless, you will still have to give at least decent interview answers, and we  will have a look at the questions right now.


Common questions for your interview

Why do you want to become a graphic designer?
You should focus on your passion for design, creative ideas, and the fact that you believe that the job would make you happy in your life, since you enjoy designing the things you would design for them, and you see a meaningful purpose in your work.

Why do you apply for a position of a graphic designer in our company, and not in another one?
You can say that you are really good at designing things they design in their company (web sites, t-shirts, machines, anything they do). Alternatively you can point out their good reputation, strong brand, corporate values that resonate with your values (if they have any of that), fitting working environment, good location of the place, etc.

What characterize a good graphic designer?

Creative ideas, understanding of what the customer wants or needs, patience at work, attention to detail, technical skills, talent for drawing, healthy level of self criticism and ability to accept criticism from the other people, are some of the characteristic of a good designer. Feel free to add anything else to the mix.

How do you imagine a typical day in work?
Try to show them that you know what is expected from you in job (their job description should help), show them that you like to be busy and active, that you do not waste time in work. Do not hesitate to mention creative breaks, or cigarette breaks, if they help you with your creativity in work.

What are the current trends in graphic design?
Obviously, we can not give you an exact answer, as the trends change constantly, and you can be reading this article in 2016, or in 2022,and the trends are country specific. Nevertheless, you should always look at their design works–what they do, and what trends they apply in their latest design, and mention it as a recent trend. Most HR managers will be happy with such an answer.

Tell me something about your latest projects.
The time has come to take your portfolio out of your briefcase. When speaking about the projects, do not forget to mention the feedback you got from the customers/clients/employers, and the lessons you learned while working on a particular design.

More questions and answers

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