Google interview–what to expect?

Google is considered one of the best places for work. The company is, and most likely will remain for many years to come, one of the most successful corporations in the world.

Complement it with a legendary working environment and exceptional salaries for all workers, and you have the answer why so many people try to get a job with Google.

You will find many articles that suggest questions they will ask you in an interview at Google, and interestingly enough, the questions vary from article to article (unless the author shares nothing but common screening interview questions that do not differ from one company to another). So, what is the truth?


What to expect in a Google interview?

Google receives more than one million job applications every year. They can choose, and they choose only the best.
Unless you possess a rare combination of high emotional intelligence (EI) and classical intelligence (IQ), they won’t hire you, regardless of your technical skills, and preparation for an interview.

Not everyone was blessed with so many gifts, and so if you do not consider yourself gifted with EI and IQ, you should rather not waste your time and try to get a job with another company.

Questions, case studies, psychometry, strange tasks

Questions that test your communication skills, leadership, problem solving ability, technical skills, etc make for the first group of Google interview questions.

Once you pass this stage of their interview process (which is not easy at all), the other type of questions will follow.

Expect various creative questions, testing your brightness, intelligence, analytical and presentation skills. Prepare to think, do math, and work with a computer in your interview.


It makes no sense to prepare for specific questions when you apply with Google

In most interviews, if you prepare good answers to screening and behavioral questions, and have some knowledge of your job, you will succeed.

That’s not how it works with Google, however. Their combination of highly scientific psychometry, creative and unique interview questions (which vary from one interview to another), and one of the best HR teams in the world, will catch every job applicant off guard.


But what can you do to succeed?

Try to work on your IQ and emotional intelligence. Take part in competitions. Try to design unique things. Work on your communication skills. Try to connect with someone who already works for Google. Learn as much as you can about the company, and all their products (there are hundreds of them, though many people know just about maps, search engine, gmail, and Google Plus).

Try to imagine that you already work for them, and do all you can to improve on every skills that matters for the job you try to get with them.

Once you have the right mindset, and adequate knowledge and skills, you may be able to find good answers to the strange questions they will ask you at Google.

And if it doesn’t pan out, do not be sad. Google averages more than 150 applicants to make one hire. Take every setback as a lesson and chance to improve….

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