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What is the truth about Google interview questions? Google is definitely considered as one of the best places to work. Not only that the company is, and most likely will be, one of the most successful companies in the world. Also, its working culture and working environment is legendary, for a reason.

Many people dream about working in Google, and that’s probably why so many stories about various specific Google interview questions developed. You can find countless articles to the topic, and practically each of them is mentioning different Google interview questions.

What in fact can you expect in Google interview?

The first fact is, that Google HR department receives more than one million job applications per year.
The second fact is, that if Google wants to keep it prime position on the market, they need employees that posses a relatively rare (1-5 people of randomly chosen 1000) combination of high emotional intelligence(EI) and classical intelligence(IQ).

And that’s it. Do not expect to make any career in Google, if you do not have this combination inside of you. But let’s say you have, so what Google interview questions can you get?

Applicant is answering some Google interview questionsWell, questions testing your communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, solving problem abilities, etc. will be the first group of Google interview questions. Once you pass this part, the other type of questions will come. But believe me, it is not easy, becasue various role-plays, psychometric tests and other highly scientific methods are used, just to measure the level of soft skills, or if you want emotional intelligence, of candidate as authentically as possible.

Anyway, if you pass this part, then the testing of your classical intelligence and job related technical skills takes place. You can expect various creative questions, testing your brightness, intelligence, analytical but also presentation skills. Prepare to think, do math and work with a computer (or piece of paper) a lot. Google is pretty much a practical company when it comes to the solution and products it offers to customers. So, the Google interview questions will be pretty much practical also.


It makes no sense to prepare for concrete Google interview questions

Applicant has just signed an employment contractGoogle interview is not an easy one, that’s true. Speaking about interviews in general, if you are a good talker and have an ability to create good relationship with the interviewer during the interview, you may easily succeed. But that’s not the case when you are looking for a job in Google. The combination of highly scientific testing methods, creative and unique Google interview questions you can not prepare up-front for at all, and one of the best HR team in the industry, will easily uncover any talkers.

So, forget about concrete Google interview questions you will find somewhere. The odds you will get more than two of them are minimal. Rather try to work on your emotional intelligence (there are plenty of courses devoted to this) and practice your brain cells, if you want to have any chance of getting a job at Google. We wish you good luck!

To improve your chances even more, have a look at some tough interview questions for managers, and some general job interview preparation tips.

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