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We all know that it is advisable to ask few questions at the end of the job interview. However, job seekers often pick inappropriate questions and ruin their chances of getting a job. Employer can easily feel confused or even ashamed and decide to not hire them, if they choose bad questions.

So, what are the appropriate questions to give the interviewers? We prepared for you a longer list of questions. It includes both questions you should ask in the interview and the questions you should avoid for specific reasons (described in the article, next to each question). You will find the useful notes in the brackets after each question. OK, it is time to ask the right question and surprise the employer positively in the interview.


List of questions for job seekers picked by

  • Can you tell me something more about your company?BAD (You should avoid general questions. Job seekers are supposed to check the general information about the company online before the interview.)
  • Can you tell me something about the company culture? – GOOD (Specific question.)
  • Can you tell me something more about the collective in this department?GOOD (These two questions are better, more specific. You should always give the employer only specific questions about his business.)
  • What will be my working duties if you choose me? – BAD (You should know it from the job description already. If you want, you can ask about details.)
  • How does a typical working day look like?GOOD (It is good idea to ask about details of the role you are applying for. However, you should question only information which are not included in the job description.)
  • What are the biggest achievements of this company? – GOOD and BAD (This can be a good question sometimes, but you should rather avoid using it in smaller companies. It will make the recruiter ashamed, if they haven’t achieved anything special in the recent years. What more, nowadays many companies struggle because of recession in the world.)
  • Can you tell me something more about your career in this company? – GOOD most of the times. You seem to be very skilled in recruiting. (Little compliment is always good to use in the job interview. What more, we all love to talk about ourselves. Use this knowledge and question the employer about his career in the company.)
  • What is the salary offer for this position?BAD (This question does not belong to the arsenal of a good interviewee, although most people think it does belong there. Good job seekers never ask about the salary. If the employer considers to hire you, he will start to speak about it on his own.)
  • How are you doing and what about your family?GOOD only in Arabic countries (You should definitely avoid these sort of personal questions in Europe and in the United States. Interviewer is not your friend, at least not yet.)
  • What are the goals of your company in five years horizon?GOOD (This is one of the good questions to ask in an interview. Every good company has some goals and managers are aware of it. What more, asking about the long term goals you clearly show the tendency to plan to stay with the company for a long time, if they hire you.)


Right timing is very important

You should pick one or two of these questions and ask it in the most appropriate moment in the job interview. However, do not overdo it with the questions. Some job seekers ask so many questions that there is no time left for the interview after that… In most of the cases, interviewer give you an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview.

Take this opportunity, choose the right question and impress the employer!

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