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Medical receptionist is “only” a receptionist. You really do not need any knowledge from medicine to be able to go this job well. But what does matter then in an interview for a position of medical receptionist? It is actually a good question. I will try to look it through in the following paragraphs…

Medical receptionist should have a good relationship with a doctor. Or said better and more realistic, doctor needs to like you to offer you this job. That’s the most important decision factor, doesn’t matter how simple it sounds. You know, basically everyone can learn this job of a receptionist. There is nothing difficult about it, there is no special quality needed.

However, not every person is the type the doctor prefers to work with… Therefor, your primary role in an interview will be to create a good relationship with the doctor – your potential employer. How to do it?

  • Show him respect. Doctors like to be treated. Doctors like to be respected. Exception just proves the rule. Show respect to the doctor, compliment him for his practice and leave him to lead the interview. Speak always only when he asks you to and try to answer all the questions to the point.
  • Smile and be nice. It’s a pity that so many job seekers forget their smile at home while going to an interview. Smile can help you big time if you use it wisely. To keep eye contact with the doctor is also a good idea.
  • Present yourself as someone highly motivated for this job. Many applicants take jobs of various assistants and receptionist like a last glimmer of hope. But that can’t be your approach if you want to impress the doctor and be chosen for the job. Oppositely, you should be enthusiastic, ask about working duties and say that this job is exactly the right one for you…


Okay, that would be it. The questions in this type of an interview are pretty basic, and you’ll find most of the answers to it in our 15 most common interview questions article. However, let’s have a look at it right now.


Commonly used medical receptionist interview questions

  • Why did you apply for this job?
  • Why do you think you would be a good medical receptionist?
  • Do you have any experience on similar positions?
  • What are your main strengths and weaknesses?
  • It’s a routine job. What would make you motivated to do it well?
  • What are you goals in five years time?
  • How would you handle an angry customer?
  • Imagine that two patients come on the same appointment – and it is your mistake – you scheduled it wrongly by accident. How would you solve the situation?
  • Could you make good coffee?
  • When are you able to start?
  • Do you have any questions?


As you can see, the question are pretty basic, yet related to the job of medical receptionist. You can find some good inspiration to it in our administrative positions section as well as in the section devoted to healthcare positions. Please remember – this interview you are up to is more about your ability to create a good relation with a potential boss, than about your knowledge. Focus on it in your interview, create a good relation and impression and get a job. I wish you good luck!

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