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It is easy to say that you should change a career. Many people are bored from the job and are willing to sacrifice some time to find new career. But what career should you look for? Are there any general career change ideas you can use in your life?

Before kicking of your career change, you should have a clear idea what you expect from it. Try to answer the following questions to find it:

  • Why do you want to change career?
  • Do you want to spend more time in the office or more time outside?
  • Do you prefer to spend more time in front of the computer screen or less?
  • Are there any activities you are missing in your current job?
  • Are you looking for a new challenge or for a new routine?
  • Would you not become bored in your new career also?


It is not easy to give you career change ideas. However, if you find the answers to the above mentioned questions, you will more likely make a correct decision.

You now, it is not easy to make a career change. In most of the cases, you will have to sacrifice time and invest money to make it happen. What more, your salary is going to be lower. So, you should definitely think about it twice before making this step. Anyway, here are some general career change ideas. You can inspire yourself with it.


General career change ideas for you

  • If you are tired from the office work, go outside. But do it in a clever way. For example, you can ask the manager for a three months break and try to get a seasonal job in summer.
  • You can pick strawberries, collect mushrooms or hoe the fields. Some busy managers changed their career drastically and found inner piece in the fields. However, some other just understood that their office job is not so bad and came back after the summer…
  • If you are fed up with the other people, stop meeting them. Learn to work with a computer software that not many people can work with. Become a specialist in a niche. After you can apply for the job in software company.
  • Maybe you are tired from the bureaucracy and hierarchical structures. If it is a case, give a notice and start a freelancing career. Many people all around the US did so. Freelancing career is a great alternative for anyone bored from the employment. There are many options for freelancing. You can become a professional driver, interpreter, article writer, drive a taxi or do hundred other things. Freelancing career is not easy, but many people try it and love it.


If you decide to apply our career change ideas, it will be better to keep the back doors open. On the other hand, we live just once. It makes no sense to continue a career which does not make you happy, doesn’t it?

Not decided yet? Have a look at what job is right for me article to discover your true calling!

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