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Man is making a follow up call after interviewMost of the job seekers prefer to send a follow up letter after the interview. However, the job seekers with guts like to make a follow up call after interview. It is actually a good move. You are emphasizing the interest to have the job by making this call.

Follow up call after interview has in fact also other advantages, when compared to the traditional letter. You get the answer immediately, that is the first advantage. Plus, you get a feedback from the employer. If you are not chosen for the job, you can ask for a reason.
If for nothing else, at least it helps you to do better in next job interview. Also there is always a chance to arrange a new deal on the phone. You can for example ask the interviewer about other open positions. You never know what can happen.

So, how to decide if you should make a call or just send an email? Some people believe that the follow up call is always better. Well, that is hard to say. But there are for sure situations when it is better to make a call. Particularly it goes about the following scenarios:

  • you have a very good feeling after the interview
  • you applied for the position in which calling to people is a part of a job (call center, sales representative, etc.)
  • you are not good in writing but have good skills on a phone
  • you need the feedback immediately


How should a good follow up call after interview look like?

1. Introduce yourself and say why you are calling

Do not expect that the employer remembers you. He may remember you, as well as he may not. Introduce yourself briefly and tell that you are calling regarding the feedback from the interview for particular position (title the position). Do not forget on the enthusiasm in your voice.

2. Be quiet.

To be quiet is a well known selling technique you can use also in the follow up call after interview. You have already introduced yourself and told what you wanted. Now it is the right time to be quiet and let the employer to talk. You should just listen to him.

3. After he announces you the decision, you should react on that.

If the decision is positive, ask him about the next steps. If the decision is negative, try to make as much as possible from that call. First of all, you should ask about the reason. If the reason is not serious (for example there simply was one better candidate), you should definitely ask about other job openings.

If there is nothing available, it will be a time to thank the interviewer. Emphasize one more time that you are interested in similar jobs for the future. Tell the interviewer to call you in case that anything new is available.

4. Finish the follow up call after interview

Now all you can do is to wish the interviewer good luck and finish the call with him. Try to stay positive and friendly. You never know what can happen in the future.


If you prefer writing to calling, have a look at follow up letter after interview. Or, you can check other pages on We wish you good luck in your job interview follow up.

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