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Flight attendant answered all the flight attendant interview questionsWho wouldn’t like to work as a flight attendant? Seeing the world, working with plenty of young, intelligent and beautiful people, and helping the others to safely and happily reach their goals on the national and international level. Flight attendant really seems like a dream job, especially to those people who have never tried it…

Despite this job is not always as sweet as we imagine, it certain has it’s specifications and positives, and not everyone can carry it out. Using a set of targeted flight attendant interview questions, airlines try to figure out who is the right person for this job.

In fact to have any chance to even get the opportunity to answer these flight attendant interview questions, you need to submit a perfect interview application, speak at least two languages and lastly but not at least, be beautiful or at least charismatic person. When it comes to education or experience, these are not needed to obtain role of a flight attendant. So let’s suppose you fulfill the basic requirements and are invited for the interview. What flight attendant interview questions await you?

Typically used flight attendant interview questions

    • Tell me something about yourself, especially in relation to working experience.
      • Have you ever flown with an aircraft before as a passenger? What was your feeling about the flight attendants?
      • What do you think are the main duties of the flight attendants on the short distance and long distance flight?
      • What do you think characterize a great flight attendant nowadays?
      • How many languages do you speak on a communicative level?
      • How do you imagine looks a typical day of a flight attendant?
      • What do you think is the most difficult about this job?


      • How would you handle the situation when two passengers are arguing and disturbing the rest of the travelers?
      • How would you react if there is a passenger on the flight who claims to be extremely sick and demands a landing immediately?
      • How would you choose the right people to sit near to the emergency exits?
      • What caught your eye exactly on our job offer and our airlines?
      • Why do you believe you can be a good flight attendant?
      • How would you ensure the maximal possible customer satisfaction in your daily job?
      • Do you prefer to work in a team?
      • Imagine a situation when one of your colleagues get sick unexpectedly and you need to take her shift, after a very physically and mentally demanding week. What would you do?
      • Do you have any preference of lines where you would want to fly?
      • How many hours per week do you like to work?
      • What do you consider the biggest mistake you made in relation to dealing with other people?

          Job of a flight attendant is strongly linked to people. You need to have an ability to make the others feel happy and safe in order to get the job. Please always keep this simple rule in mind while being interviewed for flight attendant position: “Safety and happiness of a passengers is my first priority“. Being set like this, interviewers will simply love your answers to the flight attendant interview questions. Present yourself as an ideal flight attendant, and get a job.

          To get even better prepared check out our interview preparation guide or some typical interview questions. We wish you good luck!

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