Financial analyst interview questions

Banks, insurance companies, investment businesses, and all other big corporations try to hire top-notch financial analysts for their teams.

A rewarding career attracts a lot of applications, and you will compete with at least ten other people for the job.

The typical interview process consists in screening, behavioral, and technical (job-specific) questions, and one or two personality tests (it can be one long session, or two or three shorter interviews).

If you want to succeed and get a job, you should prepare for all questions (you can hardly prepare for the personality test). Below you will find common questions and an advice on how to answer them.

Most common questions

  1. Why do you want to become a financial analyst? (Focus on your analytical and computing skills, your passion for numbers or for finance in general, your education in the field, and your knowledge of financial analysis.)
  2. Why have you chosen our company? (Focus on their working environment, reputation, your brand preference, good location of the company, etc.)
  3. Are you familiar with ad hoc analysis? (Elaborate on your answer, saying how ad hoc analysis helped you in your work.)
  4. When did you make your first financial analysis? How did it go? (Speak with enthusiasm. Show them that you remember the first one, that you enjoyed it.)
  5. What methodology to you use in your analysis? (Use terminology, show them that you know how to do the job, and that follow a certain way of FA.)
  6. Have you ever used profitability models?
  7. Where do you see the stock markets heading in the near future? (Good analyst should have some knowledge of the markets. Be bold in your predictions, show them that you have an opinion, that you do not just wait for the others to tell you what to expect.)
  8. What reporting methods do you use and why?
  9. What do you consider the biggest mistake you have ever done as a financial analyst? (Focus not only on the mistake, but also on the lessons you learned from the experience.)
  10. Why should we hire you, and not one of the other applicants?

This brief selection should help you to understand what to expect in your interview. If you would like to see a more in-detail analysis, and answers to the most common questions, check Financialanalystinterviewquestions.com, website from Jeremy Hopkins, a reputable interview coach who specializes only in financial analyst interviews. Alternatively you can check more articles on Interview Penguin.