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Analyzing the financial data deeplyBanks, insurance companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, or any other big company nowadays. All these high end businesses need a top notch financial analysts in their team. They can not afford to make mistakes to disappoint their customers, they can not afford to analyze collected date wrongly. And similarly you can not afford to hassle your answers to interview questions while applying for this job.

To present yourself as an ideal character for financial analyst position is a key in the interview. Detail oriented personality of someone who always examines all aspects of the asked questions and provide to the point answers to financial analyst interview questions can make from you a hero, not only in this interview.

Do not forget that the competition is high as everyone wants to grab this job. But most of the people will never read this article and will not know either how to present themselves in the interview, or what questions to expect. So you have this advantage. Try to keep it and look at the following list of interview questions.

Typical questions they use in an interview

  • Why have you chosen the career of financial analyst? (when answering, focus on the love to numbers and good analytical skills you have)
  • What makes a good financial analyst nowadays? (focus in your answer on the aspect of being able to find the best within huge amount of data and transferring it into final decisions what to buy and what to sell.)
  • Why have you chosen our company? (stress the good reputation, challenging environment and most importantly that you really feel you can help this company to do better)
  • From your point of view, what are the key characteristics of a good financial analysis? (this depends purely on your philosophy. However, taking right decisions in right time – before the others figure it out, is for sure a good attribute of good financial analysis)
  • Are you familiar with ad hoc analysis?
  • When did you make your first financial analysis in life? (Try to use your imagination. Maybe you can find some financial analysis also in your personal life.)
  • What methodologies to you use while doing your financial analysis?
  • Have you ever used any profitability models for forecasting a project?
  • Where do you see US financial markets heading in the near future?
  • What reporting methods do you prefer to use?
  • Who do you think financial analyst should be in direct touch with in the company, and who should he consult?
  • What do you consider as the biggest mistake ever when it comes to transactions on financial markets? (focus not only on the mistake, but also on what you have learned from this experience)

So this was the list. If you long for even more questions similar to the topic, you can examine some investment banking interview questions or finance interview questions, or browse other pages of the website.

Special Tip!

External resource: For more detailed analysis of finance analyst interview, questions and answers that are not presented on this website, I suggest you to have a look at, probably the best website for financial analyst job applicants out there.

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