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There are plenty opportunities if you want to get a job in finance sector. Being one of the most attractive areas for work all around the world, you can count with plenty of competitors in the job interview. You will face targeted finance interview questions that will put you under real test.

You will also have to persuade the recruiters about your mathematical, analytical and strategical abilities. You will get the chance to do so in various case studies and scenarios that tend to be a part of any job interview for financial positions.

Coupled with your answers to finance interview questions, interviewers get a good understanding of your suitability for the job. We composed a list of questions recruiters like to ask in a finance interview. Use it for your practice purposes.


Questions used commonly in a finance interview

  • What attracts you to the world of finance?
  • What caught your eye on our job description?
  • If you shall characterize your personal financial situation using finance terminology. What would you say about it?
  • What do you think awaits US financial sector in the upcoming ten years?
  • Do you know what was the nominal income of US economy in 2010? And how does it differs from a real income?
  • Can you define IPO?
  • You have five minutes to prepare your personal cash flow statement. Try to prepare it and find areas for improvement.
  • What do you think is a financial product with the best perspective for 2015?
  • Company`s assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity are presented in one document. Do you know what is the name of this document?
  • What is your opinion about creative accounting?
  • Have you ever invested your own money on the stock market? If yes, what was your strategy?
  • What do you think are three key terms companies should consider when assessing their own financial health?
  • Do you know what a term Take Over means? Why do you think are take overs so popular nowadays?


As you can see, finance interview questions will test both your theoretic and practical knowledge of finance and things related to it. You should be able to give your own opinions and have your own point of view at everything that is involved in this financial world.

Beside these questions, you will have to deal with several practical case studies related to the particular job you are applying for as well as commonly used questions.

If you get into such a case study, simply use your brain and make as detailed notes as possible. You will be supposed to present your solution after, so your communication skills also matter a lot in this interview. It is simply not only about the answers to questions. In order to ace your interview, there’s so much more to do…

Might help you in your preparation


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