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Elementrary school students happy in lifeDespite the fact that government has not realized it yet, there are not many more important roles in our whole society than the role of elementary teacher. Most of the formulas of thinking of children are built in an early age, and often their whole life depends on the quality of their teachers, who are often their first role models in life except of parents.

For this reason, it is crucial to choose good elementary teacher interview questions, so institutions are able to select the best teachers for our kids. However, if you are standing on the other side of the barricade – applying for a job of elementary teacher, keep in mind that these elementary teacher interview questions will not examine your education or experience. They will be strongly focused on your personality and the way you can help the children to grow up the right way and help to create so a better future for whole society.

So, are you ready to carry out this role? Do you like the children? Do you have lot of patience? Can you work with various social groups of people? Let’s see how good will you handle the following list of elementary teacher interview questions. We wish you good luck!


Elementary teacher interview questions with a short suggestions what to answer

What motivates you to be the elementary teacher?
Focus on the mission of helping the kids to grow up to be successful and happy in life.

What do you think are the key characteristics of a good elementary teacher?
Ability to work with individuals, recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the children, being able to communicate the way children like and understand are just some of the qualities you can mention.

What teaching methods do you prefer?
Choose your answer based on the methods used in school where you are just applying for a job. Most principals do not like to change things, so to go with standard methods they use plus add a little inputs from your side will be the best answer.

Do you think that all the students should be treated equally?
This is actually one of the tricky elementary teacher interview questions. As a good teacher, you should not prioritize someone. On the other hand, you shoudl be able to recognize what way is the best to work with every student and use this method.
What is your opinion about information technology in elementary school?
Well, hard to advice you anything here. Just give your opinion. Again, you cna follow what the school is doing. If they have few computers in every class, it will be a good choice to say that from your point of view children should start with the computers early.

How would you handle the conflicts between students?
As a good teacher, you should always lead the children to respect each other and have a decent level of self confidence. To always try to create as friendly atmosphere in class as possible (for example by using various team games and exercises) will be a good answer.

This was just a short list of elementary teacher interview questions and in reality the interview for this position isn’t that long really. However, if you want to see more questions as well as more detailed answers to these questions, visit, where you can find it all!

Just always remember what we advised you in the beginning of this page. Build the right impression and act as an ideal role model for children. Good luck in your interview!

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