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Woman is dressing for an interviewDressing for an interview is a complicated task, especially for women. They often put too much value on this aspect of interview preparation.

The truth is that if you do not make any significant mistake when choosing your attire, you will be all right in the interviews. Interviewers can not afford to decide who is the best candidate for the job according to the fact who has the best clothing style. If they do so, they will loose they job easily.

But what they can afford to do is to judge someone in case s/he chooses something that is strongly inappropriate for the interview. You should take it easy when we speak about dressing for an interview. The best advice to follow is this one:

  • Dress according to the dress-code of the employees of the company. Are you applying for a position of account manager? Check what account managers wear to work, and just use the same style when dressing for an interview. There is nothing complicated about it.


More important than your dressing for an interview is your personal hygiene. Try to follow these rules:


  • Cut your nails prior to the job interview if you are a man. If you are a woman you should not varnish your nails just before the job interview. It smells few hours after as you know for sure.
  • Use appropriate amount of deodorant. Job interview is not a date. But on the other hand, it is neither a football match with your friends. Appropriate amount of deodorant or a drop of perfume is the best way to go.
  • Take a shower. Ninety percent of people can not smell their own sweat. We are simply use to its smell, that’s why our nose drills became insensible to it. But interviewers can smell your sweat. That’s why especially in the summer (when in half an hour one can be sweating a lot) it is important to take a shower prior to the job interview.

Dressing for an interview as well as your personal hygiene creates some picture about you. Even if recruiters do not realize it, subconsciously they connect the way you care about yourself with the way you care about your job.

If you come to the interview in dirty clothes, sweating and with long nails, they easily get the feeling that you might not be able to carry out your job. True or not, it doesn’t matter…

You really should not spend too much time thinking about dressing for an interview. Take on something you feel good at. Take on something you will take on the first day in your new job. And take on something that will not draw the attention of the recruiter away from your words completely..

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