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Guys passed the college interviewInterview at a college is very different when compared to classical job interview. It differs from three key reasons:

  • Not the professional recruiters, but teachers or college head members, decide who is chosen and gets the place in the study program.
  • Usually this interview is very short– you have maximally 30 minutes to present yourself to secure your place in the study program.
  • The questions used in college interview will be mostly targeting your personal abilities and attitudes.


Based on the above mentioned facts, you should adjust your strategy using our college interview tips. Let’s have a look at in in detail.


Choose the right strategy for your interview at the college

The first impression in the college interview is even more important than in classical job interview. Speaking honestly, people interviewing you in the college will be far from HR professionals. So sometimes if you make the right first impression, you can surf on this wave until successfully securing your place at the college.

Personal preferences play a huge role in the college interview. If you are likeable to the members of interviewing panel, there is a strong possibility they will choose you as a student, doesn’t matter what your answers to their questions are.

So the question here is the following one: How to be likeable to the panel of interviewers? You can use simple set of rules that will work in any kind of business meeting, not only college interview. It goes about the following tips:

  • Smile most of the time.
  • Keep eye contact with all the members of interviewing panel while being interviewed.
  • Show honest interest for the people in the room, their job and their institution. This can be achieved by giving questions, and listen really carefully with the sparkle in your eye.


So, this is the simple guide how to be likeable to interviewers. Let’s have a look at some different college interview tips:


Show them the added value you can bring to their college

Well, if the college is prospering, the teachers (and head of college departments) will also be doing well. And this is strongly dependent on the level of college students. Show them the value they will gain by giving you a place in the study program. You may be able to represent there school in some competitions, or something similar. It is up to your creativity to find out something appropriate.


Honesty is the crucial ability

Do not try to fool the people in the college that you are going to spend all the time just studying and learning books. They know that the reality is different all the times.

Showing some of your weaknesses and also speaking about your free time activities (and it doesn’t matter really what kind of activities we speak about) can open their heart a little bit. What more, they will likely trust you more because of it in an interview.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to secure a place in your favorite study program. Just use our college interview tips, check few common college interview questions and you should be doing all right,

We wish you good luck!

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