Personal interview belongs to the admission process at many prestigious colleges. They try to understand your personality, your motivation, why you want to study at their college, and also the value you can bring to the community of students and teachers.

They are also assessing your soft skills, trustworthiness, maturity, and basically they try to understand if you are ready to study at their college, and to successfully graduate a few years later. Let’s have a look at the common questions.

Common questions they ask in college interviews

Two nice and young students are preparing for their interview at the college together. We can see them studying a paper, and smiling. They have a good time together. Q1: Why did you choose our college and not another one?
A1: Say that you like the study program, college environment, and that their reputation stands out. A research you did about them should help you to come up with more specific reasons.

Q2: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
A2: Mention something that relates to the study program, the occupation their graduates typically have. Show them that you have goals, and know why you want to study.

Q3: If you shall characterize yourself as a student, what would you say?
A3: You should list your strengths that are related to studying. Patient, responsible, enthusiastic, love to read, etc. Show them that you are not lazy, that you enjoy studying.

Q4: What value can you bring to our student community?
A4: Say that you would like to participate in various competitions, if you get the chance to participate. You can also say that you plan to organize some events. Try to think about your answer to this question for a few minutes, and decide what you can do for them while studying at the college.

Q5: What do you plan to do in your free time, while studying at the college?
A5: Say that you would like to explore the area, enjoy the city and maybe get some part time job. Show them that you are not a lazy guy who spends all days watching TV series on their laptop, or hanging out.

Q6: What do you wish to do after your graduation?
A6: You can either say that you would like to get a job (one relevant to the study program), or pursue your academic career, perhaps at the same school.

Q7: If you shall characterize a great student at this college, what would you say about them?
A7: Say that they should enjoy the subjects, and try their best to bring some value to the community of students, teachers and alumni.

Q8: What subjects from our study program do you like the most?
A8. You should always list particular subjects. It would be a big mistake to answer that you did not check the subjects before the interview. Mention one or two subjects, and tell them how they relate to your values, or to your hobbies and personal interests.

Q9: What do you consider your biggest success so far?
A9: Speak about anything you achieved, either in personal or professional life. Show them the lessons you learned in your success (or failure), and how ti helped you to become mature and ready for your studies and career.

Q10: Do you have any idol?
A10: Not much to advice here. Just do not say a name of a criminal “hero”, or of a rock star. Otherwise it should be fine!

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