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At the best colleges, personal interview is often a part of an admission process. By asking you various questions, employees of a college try to find out your attitudes and opinions to various topics. They also try to understand your motivation, why you have chosen their college and if you can help to build a reputation in the eyes of the others. That’s their goal in a college interview.

Beside your answers to college interview questions, the college employees are also assessing your interpersonal skills, level of honesty, watch if you are mature enough to study there, and so on.

Most common questions used in college interview plus answers

Students preparing for college interview questionsQ1: Why did you choose our college and not another one?
A1: Simply say that you like the study program, college environment and that you found great references for the school on the web. Of course, you should have more information in your sleeve (such as knowing the study program), to be able to back-up your answer with facts.

Q2: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
A2: Just mention anything related to the studies – for example, being a respected and successful manager. Asking you these sort of interview questions, they simply want to see that you are not the kind of guy who lives from day to day, but oppositely, have goals and try to reach it.

Q3: If you shall characterize yourself as a student, what would you say about you?
A3: You should name your strengths that are related to the ability of learning. Patient, responsible, enthusiastic, love to read, etc. are all good abilities to mention.

Q4: What added value can you bring to our community as a student?
A4: Say that you would like to participate in various competitions, of course if you get the chance to do so. Or you can say that you plan to organize some competitions/events by yourself. Again, it is advisable to have specific ideas on your mind, in order to be able to answer additional questions.

Q5: What do you plan to do in your free time, while studying at the college?
A5: Answering these type of college interview questions, try not to look as total groioser. Simply say that you would like to explore the area, enjoy the city and maybe get some part time job, if you have enough time.

Q6: What do you wish to do after your graduation?
A6: To apply for a job related to your studies should be a good answer. Another good option is to say that you think about continuing your academic career, and of course – at their college!

Q7: If you shall characterize an ideal student at this college, what abilities should s/he have?
A7: Just answer that s/he should really like the subject of the study and tries their best to make the time and the time of other students and teachers at the college as nice as possible.

Q8: What subjects from our study program are you looking forward to?
A8. You should always mention particular subjects here. It would be a big mistake to answer that you did not check the subjects yet… That will ruin your chances, so for sure check it before the interview at the college!

Q9: What do you consider to be your biggest success so far?
A9: Well, this shall be something bigger than finishing the high school. It may be either personal or professional success, it doesn’t matter. Tell them anything what you are really proud of. With these sort of college interview questions, they are simply testing your ability to asses your past and future life. No big deal really.

Q10: Do you have any idol in life?
A10: There is nothing to advise you to this last question. :). Either you have an idol, or not. Just do not say a name of a criminal “hero” or a rock star. Otherwise, it should be fine.


We hope that the presented questions will help you to secure your place at the college. You should definitely have a look at college interview tips also, in order to be really well prepared for the meeting.

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