Logo of software product CognosCognos represents one of the best business intelligence software solutions for huge big and middle sized companies. Incorporating social collaboration and analytics for business users, and well known by its easy to use interface, it became strongly popular nowadays.

As a direct consequence, companies started to be interested in people who can work with it to make a best of it in relation to tangible factors in business. Cognos interview questions represent the tool that should help you to get better prepared for the interview for this job, so please feel free to use the following list to make you better prepared.


List of commonly used Cognos interview questions

  1. How did you discover Cognos and when did you work with it for the first time?
  2. What do you consider as the major benefits company can gain from using Cognos?
  3. If you should compare Cognos to other similar products. In what it is better and in what it is worse from your point of view?
  4. What do you like the most on working with Cognos and what does annoy you while working with it?
  5. Can you give us any practical examples how you utilized Cognos in a company to achieve better end results?
  6. When looking on different groups of stakeholders, how can each group benefit from Cognos?
  7. Name at least six main features of Cognos 8 BI, and define each feature with one sentence.

So these were some more theoretic congnos interview questions. By using them, employers try to realize if you know what can be done with Cognos, and what real effects it can bring for a company using it. In the next section, we will look at some more practical cognos interview questions, to see if you can also work with Cognos, and not only are aware of what it is capable to do.


Practical Cognos interview questions

  1. Is it possible to apply certain filters on the list of values in the value prompt in Cognos?
  2. How would you convert crosstab into list?
  3. It is possible to create a dynamic column name in Cognos?
  4. What is the importance of framework manager in Cognos Reporting?
  5. Is there any difference between aggregation and roll-up aggregation?
  6. Give an example when it is good to use a generated prompt.
  7. What are the components of Cognos connection?
  8. Why tree prompt is included in Cognos 8? What did it improve?
  9. Is it possible to create various user permissions in Cognos? If yes, define the different levels and their permissions.

So, that’s it. Did you answer all the  Cognos interview questions? If yes, you should be ready for the interview and get a job easily. We wish you good luck!
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