It’s a dream of many people to become a citizen of United States, or the UK. There are certain regulations, like you need to live several years in a country, your language level needs to be very good, you need to know things from the history and literature of the country, etc. You should investigate this before you apply for your citizenship, so make sure to do so.

Anyway, once you fulfill all these legal requirements, there is just the interview with standard citizenship interview questions and the citizenship test standing between you and the new citizenship. To help you get rid of stress and be prepared for this tough meeting, we prepared for you a list of typical citizenship interview questions. This list is from the citizenship interview in the US state New York, but even if you apply for a citizenship somewhere else, the nature of questions will be similar. So it should help you to be prepared well.


List of standard citizenship interview questions

The interview starts easily, with a first part that shall help you to get rid of stress. The following citizenship interview questions are included in this first part:

  • What is your full name?
  • How long have you been in the United States?
  • Why have you chosen NY as your place for living?
  • When did you come to the US for the first time?
  • What is your occupation right now?
  • What is the term of your working contract?
  • What kind of income do you get monthly?
  • What is your marital status?
  • Do you have any children?
  • Who do you live with?
  • How many times have you left the US since you became a permanent resident?
  • Why do you want to become an American citizen?
  • Were you ever arrested or faced a criminal charges?

As you can see, in the first part the USCIS officer will ask you citizenship interview questions about your family, marital status, work, place of living, etc. If you think about it for a while, these really are not difficult questions. All you need to do is to really concentrate and pay attention to the officer, and answer every questions briefly and to the point. Except of this, there is nothing to do wrong in this part really.


Second part – the citizenship test

However, once the standard citizenship interview questions part is finished, you’ll have to deal with a second part, the one where they try to investigate how well you understand the US legislative, history, society, etc.. Usually you are given a citizenship test, and your quest is to answer at least six of ten test citizenship interview questions correctly. If you do not manage to do so, your application will be rejected and you need to wait another year to be able to apply for the citizenship again. Find below some questions from this test, to test you out!

  • What is the jurisdiction responsible for?
  • Who does the US Senator represent?
  • For how many years are the Senators elected?
  • Is Alaska a part of the US? Since when?
  • What race of people were take to America and sold as slaves in the past?
  • When do Americans celebrate the Independence day?
  • What is the highest court in the United States?
  • Who was the US president back in 1995?
  • How many amendments does the Constitution have?
  • Where is freedom of religion declared?
  • Who from the following persons is not a famous American writer?
  • What kind of people lived in America before the arrival of Columbus?
  • Who is the Governor of state of New York right now?
  • Name the two major political parties in the US.

If you are not sure about the answers to some of these citizenship interview questions, do not be worried. It is a test, so you will be always presented three or four possible answers to each question. What is of course much easier than just writing your answer from mind. Anyway, you know now what you should focus on in your interview preparation and we really hope you’ll manage to do it well. We wish you good luck!

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