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Right direction of career developmentTimes when one person studied at one school and after performed the same job for thirty year are gone. New expression career development has evolved. Career development means a lifelong lasting process of managing and balancing work, studies and personal life.

It doesn’t matter if you are employed or not, or how good your current job is. Career development is important in every single moment of one’s life. It is also good to mention that this process of career development is strongly individual, and you can hardly find any kind of general career path you should follow.


Anyway, there are few good questions you should ask yourself when thinking about your career development. Let’s have a look at them now:

Question 1: Where am I now?
It’s funny that in our busy life sometimes we forget to stop for a while and think about our present situation. So where are you now? Do you like the job you are doing? Is your current career fulfilling you or should you think about some career development? And what about your current knowledge? Is it sufficient, or do you have an inner feeling that you should study something?
Lot’s of questions? You are right, and we are just starting…

Question 2: What have been my career development during the last five years?
After looking at your present and considering how are you satisfied with it, it’s time to look at the progress you have made. Have you improved your position? What about your yearly net income? Is it better or worse than five years ago? And your knowledge, family life? Has your career development gone the right way during last five years?

Question 3: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Career development is mostly about looking into the future. Human life is not that long, is it? Maybe in five years time you would like to have a real leading role. Or you would like to be able to devote more time to your family and kids? And what about your education? Don’t you feel like you would like to improve your knowledge in certain area? Think about it.


Career development is a process that should never stop. It’s up to you to ask yourself the right questions time to time and listen to your heart.

Once we stop moving forward we are actually going to move backwards. Why? Because other people are moving forward while we stand on the same place. Your career development is important. Find the answers on the important personal questions we mentioned in this article and enjoy your life.

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