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Good career coaching should help you grow demonstrationIt has become one of the booming trends nowadays. We live in an information era, plus we live in a very competitive era. There were never so many job seekers applying for a job a single offer in average, as nowadays.

Schools, friends, parents, colleagues, media… they all put us under pressure and try to advice us what career to choose and what direction to take in our working life.

However, sometimes too many sources of information are not good. They make you feeling confused. Sometimes just the appropriate mentoring can show you the right way in your life. The way you deeply inside always knew is the right one. The career YOU plan to go for in your life, not your friends, parents or TV want you to.


Good coach should have no intentions

Coaching should not be done with any kind of intention to persuade you to choose certain career. Good coach should simply give you a set of questions to help you to understand yourself better. You should uncover your own values, desires and dreams while being coached.

For that purpose, it is crucial to be absolutely open and honest while in the process of career coaching. You should choose your tutor carefully, and not pick the first offer you find online or the cheapest one.

It is good idea to give a call to a person who offers services of career coaching. Speak with him/her for couple of minutes. Is s/he a good listener? Do you feel okay speaking with him or her? Are you communicating on the same wavelength?


Choose your coach carefully

Coaching of any kind is not an inexpensive affair. You will pay in average from $30 to $80 for every single session with your career counselor. In some cases, you might pay even more. Because of it, you should really approach your process of choosing a coach carefully. Otherwise, you can just waste a lot of money…

What we advice you is to choose a coach with similar mindset as you have. For example, if you always had a special liking for doing a business, you should look for a coach with business thinking, usually a good one will be an independent coach. On the other hand, if you always loved to work in big companies, career coaching with someone who worked as corporate recruiter before will be the choice for you. You and the coach should communicate on the same wavelength, that is the key predisposition for successful result of the coaching efforts.

Coaching is a good way to make a right move in your life. We hope you will use our advice to choose the right coach and make a huge step forward in your career. Good luck!

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