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Career assessment is a special type of test, design to uncover what career path is the right one for an individual. While undertaking career assessment, you answer various questions regarding your interests, abilities, values, etc.. Based on the information given in test, your personal profile is matched with various career paths.

As an outcome of career assessment comes a clear advice for you: What job you will be good at, what job you will like. It’s important to mention that career assessment is purely scientific method. This has some advantages and disadvantages also:

  • Test is simply a test. It just collects some information and gives you a result according to predefined tables. So there are definitely some aspects that are not considered.
  • That’s why an appropriate career assessment should be coupled with a talk with professional career counselor, who will try to personally understand better your motivation, dreams, determination and other things. After the advice given should be quite accurate.


Another problem of career assessment is that we change our core values and motivation factors many times in life. For fifteen years old something else matters than for 30 years old. Exactly because of this evolution of one’s values and dreams, an average American citizen changes his career at least twice in life.

Career assessment is definitely a good tool to use, but we advice you to not overvalue it. Think about the results it provides. Do you really feel good imagining yourself in a position you should work in according to the test result?

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions in life. Once you make wrong decision here, you will loose few years of life, in a best case.


Career assessment uses a certain methodology, that proved to be relatively successful. So if you really do not know to do what will make you happy in life, go and undertake this test. But once you have the result, do not follow it blindly…

Go and speak with some people that do the job you should do according to the results of your career assessment test. Find out more about this person and if you can, spend one day in work with him. You might like what he does as well as you might not.


In case you like it and can imagine yourself doing the same for several years, then you have maybe found the right career for you and can move forward from that point. But if not, you should rethink it and do not rely only on the career assessment test result

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