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Getting some career adviceOur job fills 40 hours (or more) of our life every single week. That is not a little time, is it? In fact, to have a good job that we like to do and see a purpose in is one of the keys to feeling of true happiness. That’s why is is crucial to choose your career very carefully.To help you with it, we opened a new section called Career advice here on Interview Penguin.

Even if you made a wrong decision in a past and chose an incorrect career path, there is always a chance to change things and start living your life in a better way. As a human being, you definitely deserves it.

Career advice section of our website should help you understand what career path is the right one for you and after help you to find your way towards it. New articles to the section are being added on a weekly basis. Links below that are not active at the moment will get active soon, once the content is published. Meanwhile enjoy the active material.

Career advice articles and sections


  • What job is right for me? To choose a right job is not easy, especially when your family and friends expect something from you. But the key is to understand what will make you really happy in life and choose your career according to that. Check the article for more information.
  • How to choose a career? How to decide what career is the right one for you?
  • Career development – If you have the feeling that you are stuck at one place or if your job suddenly stopped to motivate you, it is maybe a time to develop your career. Career development section should help you to understands the right steps you should take.
  • Career change – Sometimes the best career advice you can get is to change your career completely. But how to handle it once someone has family and plenty of responsibilities? There is a way and we will try to help you find the way.
  • Career coaching – Learn how to choose a right coach for you.
  • Career assessment – If you prefer scientific approach to your career, than our career assessment section is something for you. Understand your self and your abilities better and choose your career according to them.
  • Career counselor – How to identify the right career counselor for you? A person, that will not only take plenty of money for one hour consultation but who will tell you also something new? Find out in this article.
  • Career planning – Once I heard that people do not fail in realizing there plans. They fail in planning. Learn how to plan your career effectively to reach all your goals and dreams.
  • Job coaching – Job coaching is a special program devoted to intellectually disabled people. Learn more about this program and how it can be done effectively.


  • Career change ideas – Sometimes in life we simply come to the point when we need to change career. But what direction to move? Find out more in this thrilling post.
  • New career ideas – At certain point in life you may get the feeling that all you have done so far is over, and are looking for a brand new career. Find out what are the common new career ideas.
  • Test to determine career path – Find out what the right career for you is, using our simple set of questions.
  • I need a new career right now! – It is not easy to change the career from day to day. However it is possible if you take the right steps.
  • Career networking – We live in an era of personal recommendations. Every second new hire in the US is based on personal referrals. Learn how to network well and with the right people.

More articles to career advice section are added constantly. In case you would like to see a special article here, send us your feedback. Thank you.

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