Woman is interviewing for a job in a call center. The interviewer, an oleder man, is asking her a question. We can also see some other people in the next office, behind the glass doorCall centers battle the high employee fluctuation.  Many people take the job of a call center operator just like a summer job, or a temporary source of income until they can find something better.

Though aware of this fact, interviewers will ask you some tough questions, and they may test you with a role play to see if you are not afraid to talk on the phone, and if you know how to sell something to someone (if you apply or a job in a call center that focuses primarily on selling).


What to do in an interview to succeed?

  • Listen to the questions of the interviewers, do not interrupt them while they speak, and calmly respond to their questions. This would show the interviewers that you have the right personality for this job. Good call center operator knows when they should talk, and when they should listen to the person on the other end.
  • Stay calm and cheerful, doesn’t matter what the customer on the line says or does (in a role play, interviewer will play the customer).  Show them that a bad word, or a quick decline of your offer, won’t have a negative impact on your ability to carry on with answering (or making) the phone calls.
  • Show some enthusiasm for the job, for talking with the others, for talking on the phone. They should have the feeling that you would, at least somehow, enjoy your job in a call center.


Line of call center oprators, all of them have headphones with built-in microphone. One woman from a row is looking in our direction.Role play in a call center interview

You will play a call center operator, and the interviewer will play an angry customer, or a tired customer you should call to. The situation may vary, and it depends on the core business of the particular call center.

Remember: they do not expect you to handle the call perfectly, and you will get a training before you start the job. They just want to see if you are not afraid of talking to other people, if you won’t get distracted on the phone.

Stay calm, accept the role play, talk with confidence on the phone, and do your best. Typically it will be enough to get the job.


Your attitude matters

How you answer the questions is actually more important than the exact words you use in your answers. Stay positive, try to show some enthusiasm for the job (even if it is a last option for you), and try to enjoy your time with the interview. That’s the winning formula for this particular interview.

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