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She is answering one of the call center interview questionsInterviews for call center jobs are very specific. You should prepare yourself for a targeted questions and various role-play situations. But do not be afraid! There is one crucial thing you should remember when going to the call center job interview:

In any situation, act as an ideal call center operative would act in his daily job.

That’s the key to succeed in the call center job interview and the guide how to answer the questions. Simply always keep that on mind, not only during your interview preparation.

If you present yourself as an ideal call center operative, there is no reason why they should not choose you. So, what characterize such an ideal operative?


What to do in an interview?

  • 1. Ideal call center operative firstly listens carefully to the customer and just after that speaks. The ability to listen carefully to the speech of other person is one of the key abilities you should present in the job interview for call center jobs.

Listen to the questions of the interviewers, do not interrupt them while speaking and then calmly respond to it.

  • 2. Ideal call center operative stays always calm and cheerful, doesn’t matter what the customer on the line says or does.  In the job interview for call center jobs, interviewers will try to disject with their questions. Stay calm and cheerful, do not let them to do so. It’s not personal from them, it’s just the part of the interview, and you should simply stay cheerful when answering the questions and tasks given to you.
  • 3. Ideal call center worker loves to talk with people, is always smiley and simply enjoy every opportunity to communicate with the others. And exactly this is the way you should present yourself in your interview for a position within call center.


They will perform various role-play exercises with you in the interview for call center job.  For example, you will play a call center operative and the interviewer will play an angry customer calling you, or a tired customer you should call to.

Remember: They do not test what exactly you say or how exactly you respond to the situation… you will later receive all the needed training for this. They just test if you are not afraid of talking to other, unknown people. They look for someone who enjoys talking to other people. If they got such an impression from you, you will get the job.

Simply calmly respond, stay positive, smile on the line and that’s it.

Just do not tell the interviewers that you need the training to handle the role-play exercises. Communicate naturally, calmly and with the smile.


When answering the call center interview questions, it is not important at all what you say. Important is your friendly attitude, smile, ability to listen and interact with the others. Therefore, you should not bother too much with the exact interview questions. Focus more on your own presence, in order to ace the interview. Interview Penguin wish you a good luck!

To boost your chances even more, you should have a look at, where you can find additional questions for your interview, as well as brilliant answers to all these questions. Good Luck!

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