Body language in an interview – what does it say about You?

Scientists point out that the words we say count only for 15% of the message we send over. The rest–whooping 85%, is our body language, our nonverbal communication.

Can you benefit from this fact in an interview? And can we control our body language? How to send the right signals to the interviewers? And, do they pay attention to the body language of the job candidates? We will try to answer the questions in this article.


Can we control our body language?

In the true sense of the word, we can not control our body language in the meeting with the interviewers (or in any other meeting). Our body reflects the state of our mind. If we do not feel good in the room, if we do not like the person we talk to, if we do not believe in our chances to succeed, it all reflects on the way we look, gesticulate, and talk.

This observation leads to an interesting conclusion: While we cannot control our body language, we can (at least to certain extend) control the tings that impact our body language. That means our emotions, our feelings, our mindset.


Set your mind the right way

To improve your body language, you should focus on improving your mindset, and also your physical well-being on a big day. You can, and should:

  • Believe into yourself, have confidence and think that you can (or even will) succeed and get a job.
  • Try to have a good sleep before the interview, rest well, and grab a cup of green tee or coffee before meeting the employers, if you feel tired.
  • Think about the interviewers in good means–try to consider them your allies, people who want to hire you for the job (most people consider interviewers their enemies, which is a huge mistake and reflects strongly in their body language).
  • Try to take it easy–if life’s not at stake, nothing is.

Things your body should tell the interviewer

  • Companies want to hire people with motivation, enthusiasm, energy. And this is exactly what your body should reflect. It is a myth that companies do not hire people older than fifty, because they are old… Companies do not typically hire older people, becasue they lack the energy, the motivation, the enthusiasm. All of that we can see from their body language. I have seen it countless times in the interviews.
  • Companies hire positive people. Once I heard that smile is like a flu. Once you smile on someone, they will smile back :). In most cases it works this way. Try to be positive about your chances, your future, the company, the future of the world. Positive mindset will reflect in your body language, and your chances to get hired will improve immediately.
  • People recruit friends, and honest people. Eye contact can do a lot for you in an interview. Looking into the eyes means honesty, and friendship…


Do interviewers observe the body language?

This depends on your interviewer. The top-notch interviewers and recruiting consultants possess high emotional intelligence. They observe your non-verbal communication without thinking about it. They know how you feel, what you think about them, about yourself, etc.

Not all recruiters and interviewers have the skill, however. Some people will notice the very basic things only, and for them, your interview answers matter the most.

Nevertheless, you never know who you will talk to in your interview. Improving your mindset, which subsequently leads to a better body language, can only help you to get a job.


The language of attraction

At the end of the day, interviewers are only men, and women. If you are attractive, you can try to benefit from your beauty in an interview. While it is highly unethical to propose a date, or anything of that kind (doing that will more often than not result in a rejection of your application), you can still tell the interviewers that you like them, that they are attractive–you can tell it with your eyes.

Eyes are brave, mouth shy. This is how it works many times, even in relationships outside of the workplace. And once again, it is a question of your thoughts.

If you like the interviewer (as a man or a woman), you do not necessarily need to fight with this thought, trying to get rid of it. We all like when other people consider us attractive, especially if it goes about mutual attraction….



While we can’t control our non-verbal communication, we can control (at least to some extend) our thoughts and our mindset, which is reflected in our body language. Try to set your mind the right way, to improve your body language in an interview.


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