woman with body languageScientist say, that body language stands for 85 percent of communication. Translated to the reality, your words are responsible only for 15% of the impression you make on the interviewers. The other 85% of the overall impression is created with your non-verbal communication – the body language.

Understanding this fact, it’s crystal clear that in order to be successful in an interview, you should have the right body language. But here is the problem: Body language, or non-verbal communication in general, can be hardly controlled. It means – once you are sad, angry or desperate, your body reflects these emotions, doesn’t matter if you want it or not... So, what to do in an interview? Before we answer this question, you should realize what your body language should tell in an interview.


What your body should tell the interviewer

  • Companies want to hire people with motivation, enthusiasm, energy. And this is exactly what your body should reflect. It’s a myth that companies do not hire people older than 50, because they are old… Companies do not typically hire older people, simply becasue they are often without any energy, motivation, and enthusiasm to work. It’s strongly reflected in their body language also…
  • Smile has a strong power. Once I heard that smile is like a flu. Once you smile on someone, he will smile on you :). It’s probably true, in most of the cases. Therefor, I strongly recommend you to use your smile in an interview. Smile creates smile, which creates positive emotions and feelings towards a person. Think about it for a while…
  • Other important part of the body language is the eye contact. Once you look to the eyes of the interviewer, it shows the honesty and friendship. Candidates who look to the sky, to the table or neckline of the the interviewer, are rarely chosen.


Work with your emotions, not with your body language

As we already mentioned, it’s difficult to control our body language. The body just reflects how we feel. Therefor, in order to have a good body language in a job interview, you should try to work with your emotions. How to do it?

  • Try to tune yourself positively before the interview
  • Have a good sleep or drink a cup of coffee, to be full of energy
  • Think about both the interviewer and the interview only in positive terms
  • Have a good level of self confidence
  • Take it easy – after all, if life is not at stake, nothing is


Having the right feelings before and in the interview, your body language will also be right, trust me. That’s all you have to do to make the right impression on the interviewer.


Advanced technique – work with your attractiveness

If you are attractive, you can use it for your advantage in the interview. I know it’s maybe not the most ethical technique, but come on: it works. After all, interviewers are just men and women, just like you and me. If you feel that there is something between you and the interviewer, some sort of attraction, feel free to flirt a bit and use your body language for this purpose. You won’t be neither the first one nor the last one who used this technique… I wish you good luck in the interview!