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Best answers in the job interviewJob seekers falsely believe that there exist some magical, best answers to interview questions. But if you think about it logically, it is not possible because:

  • Every interviewer has his own preferences.
  • Different personal qualities are suitable for different jobs.
  • The ideal answer to the question is strongly dependent also on the actual situation in the job interview.

You can hardly expect to find a list of best answers to interview questions. However, there are several attributes that without any doubts characterize really good answers to interview questions. Let’s have a look at these attributes.



Attributes that characterize best answers to interview questions

You should always answer the questions honestly.

This should be your first priority. Interviewers are trained to recognized the lairs and the talkers as well. It makes no sense to try to fool them. Best answers to job interview questions are the honest answers.


You should speak more about the employer than about you

This is the secret of successful job applicants. They understand that the employer is interested only in his own personality and his own company. Because of this, your answers need to be related to it. Let me show you a difference.

Question: What are your goals in five years time?

  • Answer 1: I would like to be a top manager in a good company.
  • Answer 2: I would like to be a top manager in your company.
  • Answer 3: I would like to help to develop this company and help it to achieve good results like a top manager.


Can you see the difference? Your goal stays the same in every answer. But the second one is better than the first one, while the third one belongs to the best answers to interview questions. Needless to say, it is strongly related to the interest of the employer – profit and prosperity of the company.


Good answers are simple and to the point.

Nobody prefers listening to speaking. Your answers to interview questions should be simple. If it is simple, the interviewer will easily understand it and will have better feeling from the interview, subconsciously.

Secondly, you should always answer to the point. Job interviews are full of people that do not answer to the point. They simply talk about anything. It is a huge mistake. Interviewer gets the feeling that you do not listen to him and will not like you.

Best answers to interview questions are unique

“I am a good team player, but also a good team leader”. You have probably already heard this phrase. Employers hear it daily in job interviews and read it on hundreds of resumes. If it is possible, your answers should be unique. It makes no sense to use general phrases. Employers will simply not be impressed with it…


These were some attributes of good answers to job interview questions. We hope it helps you in your preparation for job interview.

PS: You can have a look at interview questions and answers or interview questions for specific jobs to prepare better for the interview.

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