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Man is answering behavioral interview questions In behavioral interview, candidate is questioned about particular work related situations from the past. The logic (and it is up to you to consider if it is appropriate or not) is that if someone did something in situation A in the past, he will act in the same way in situation A or similar situation in the future. We prepared a list of questions used in behavioral interview to help you prepare for this form of interview.

Honestly, especially in the US, at least few questions of this type will be part of any job interview. The key to prepare for it is to recollect various situations from the past and tell the truth. You need to remember, because interviewers will not ask you what will you do in certain situation, but what you did in certain situation. So here is the promised list of questions.


Commonly used job interview questions in behavioral interview

Describe me how did you solve a problem with your own motivation and motivation of your colleagues in particular situation.
The key to right answer here is to recall a situation where you successfully solved the problem of motivation, and describe step by step how you did it. For example, you can mention understanding the correspondence of personal and company goals, or anything other.

Describe a particular conflict you had with your boss or colleague and how did you solve it.
You can calmly said that you discussed the whole situation together, tried to understand each point of view, and then found a compromise.

Can you remember a situation where you worked under stress? How did you handle that.
It’s important to stay work related when answering such kind of question. Saying that you planned your time and focused on most important tasks, one after another, until you finished the whole project successfully is a good idea.

Do you remember a situation where you had to do something extra, go beyond your standard working duties?
Asking these sort of questions, employer tries to figure out what your attitudes to work are. So, it will be good if you remember on situation, where you had to work overtime or even during weekend/holiday, to accomplish an important task.


These are commonly used behavioral interview questions and answers. Anyway, you can expect one or two such questions related to the concrete position you are applying for, and particular skills/abilities needed there.

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