Agile methodology interview questions

Various software testing and project development methodologies have grown in popularity lately. While most of them have fundamentals in long term planning, agile methodology uses a rather unorthodox approach.

The success testers and project managers achieved with agile in the recent years proves the efficiency of the methodology, and results in the increasing demand for project managers and software testers who can applyit in their work. Let’s have a look at questions the HR managers and interviewers typically use to test your skills with agile:

Questions and answers

In what does the agile testing (development) methodology differ from the other testing (development) methodologies?
Anytime applying agile methodology, the testers (developers) ensure that the whole process of testing (development) is broke into as small steps as possible and just a small unit of code is tested (developed) in each of this steps. The team of testers (developers) is communicating consistently the results of their work, and change the short term strategy and even the development plan on the go, based on the results of agile testing. Agile methodology encourages flexible and rapid response to change which should lead to a better end result.


Can we apply agile methodology to other areas and projects?
Employers try to understand if you see the real benefits of agile, and the practical application for various areas of their business.

To say that the methodology can be (and perhaps even should be) applied anytime we have insufficient entry data, or when we work in an unknown area, or simply within a small team, or when many unpredictable variables play the role in the final outcome, would be a good answer. Bio-medicine, biochemistry or physics belong to the fields where we apply agile methodology ever more frequently.


Main characteristics of agile methodology?
Every person can approach the question from their own view, and perhaps a software tester would give a different answer than a project manager.
Nevertheless, you can list cross-functional team composition, face-to face communication, solving problems immediately after these are identified, and working solution as a primary metric of progress, as the main characteristics of agile development .


Describe a situation when you used agile methodology in your work, or when you belonged to the team that applied it successfully.
Mention the situation, the challenges you faced, and how agile approach helped to successfully achieve your goal. Try to talk about team work, and about the end result of your efforts–and how it benefited the employer, or the final product

If you can not find anything to talk about from your professional career, think about something from personal life–though we do not typically realize it, we apply agile methodology in many everyday situations and interactions with other people.


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