Woman is doing the phone interview with smileAdministrative assistant is on the list of the most popular jobs all around the world. It is not only a nice job with low stress levels, but also a position you can get with no special education… No wonder that so many people submit their application for practically any administrative assistant position.

You will have to do answer some tough questions to get this job. On the top of that, you will need to communicate on the same wavelength as your potential boss and demonstrate high level of responsibility and sense for organization…  Let’s have a look at the questions.

Typical administrative assistant interview questions

What computer software can you work with?
Computer is a best friend (or worst enemy) of every assistant. You should be rather friends… Make a list of all programs you can work with before the interview starts. Polish your knowledge of MS Excel and Outlook (or equivalent popular in your country), to be prepared for practical tests in an interview.

What characterize a good administrative assistant?
Smile on the face, schedule on mind, always knowing what your boss needs. That’s an answer of a good candidate. Do not be afraid to use your creativity when composing your own answer.

What was the biggest mistake you made in your administrative work?
One of the key abilities of a good assistant is to avoid mistakes. Honestly, assistants are more important as generally believed, and it is not such an exception to see that in fact the administrative assistant, and not his boss, leads a small company!
Anyway, you should answer honestly and mention what you did to minimize, or completely eliminate, the consequences of your mistake.

Are there any duties you are not willing to do?
In our imaginative minds, relationship of administrative assistant and her boss often exceeds the borders of the office. However, this is just rarely true and you should not target it in your answers to the questions in an administrative interview. To mention that you are willing to do everything that will help the smooth run of the office and what you are capable of is a perfect choice.

How do you handle multitasking?
Multitasking is a challenge for everyone, not only for office workers. If you have done this job before, you probably have your own way how to handle it. If it is your first interview, to mention you always assign priorities to each task and start working on the one with the highest priority is a right way to go.

These were some of the common questions and advice on how to answer it. We hope it helps you… If you want to see more questions with detailed answers, you should have a look at Administrativeassistantinterviewquestions.com. Or alternatively, you can check the following articles on InterviewPenguin.com:

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