Woman is doing the phone interview with smileClean working environment, little stress, and no requirements on education or previous experience–all of that attracts millions of job seekers to this position. But what will happen in an interview?

The interviewers will ask you some screening and some behavioral questions, and you will have to demonstrate the value you can bring to their team, and that you have the right personality for the job.

The interview process can consist in one, two, or three rounds of interviews, but in every case you will deal mostly with screening and behavioral questions relevant for the role. Let’s have a look at the questions.

Typical AA interview questions

Q. What software can you work with?
Computer can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, slowing you down in work. Make a list of software programs you can work with, and mention each program in your interview. If you can, elaborate on your answer saying how long you have been working with the software, and how it has helped you in your office work.

Q. What characterize a good administrative assistant from your point of view?
Communication skills, responsibility, loyalty to the employer, typewriting skills, friendly personalty. You can add more to the list, but remember that your interview presence should correspond with your answer to this question.

Q. What was the biggest mistake you made in your administrative work so far?
Admit that you have made some mistake (everyone makes mistakes), and say what you learned from the experience, and how the mistakes helped you to become a better administrative assistant.

Q. How do you handle multitasking?
Multitasking is a challenge for everyone, but if you had this job before (and still want to get it another time), you probably know how to handle multitasking. If it is your first job application, you can mention that you always prioritize your tasks, try to work effectively, and try to focus on one task at a time.

Q. Describe a conflict you had with your colleague. How did you solve the conflict? 


More questions and answers

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