Accounting interview questions and answers


woman answering accounting interview questionsIf you are applying for a job of an accountant, you will be likely confronted with some tough questions in your interview. Beside those, interviewers will give you several practical exercises and case studies to simply let you to demonstrate your true knowledge and skills in accountancy. After all, you may also get a few typical questions, that are the same in every interview.

In general, these practical parts of job interview have the major weight on the decision making of the employer, when we speaking about the job of an accountant. But let’s try to focus on the tough questions now!

List of tough accounting interview questions

What was the toughest accounting task you had to solve in your career so far?
Accounting is sometimes tough. If you have ever done it before, you know what I am speaking about. When answering these sort questions, you should focus on challenges that you faced successfully, and helped your previous employers/clients to save some money or avoid any legal troubles.


What do you consider to be three key skills of a great accountant?

When answering such question, people use to name their own skills and abilities. It’s simply a subconscious process, that we react this way. And interviewers are aware of it. Anyway, a good accountant should definitely pay attention to details, have good mathematical skills, analytical thinking and an ability to think one step forward. Choose some of the presented ideas and you’ll be all on a way to sell yourself in an interview.


How do you ensure you make no mistakes in your work?

People do mistakes. But when we speak about accounting, a mistake can prove extremely costly. There are thousands of examples in the US that second what i just mentioned. As a good accountant, you should be able to avoid doing any mistakes. And how? To say that you always double check everything, use both software and pen and paper, and that you always consult any problematic tasks with other members of the team will make from you an ideal applicant for a job of an accountant.


What software packages for accountants are you familiar with?

Clever accountants work with software applications. It’s more accurate, faster and simply more reliable than traditional “pen and paper” method. Therefore, it is good to suggest in your answer that you have some experience with certain software packages. In an ideal case, you should pick a well known and country specific software, for example the Canadian Quickbooks Online For Accountants, if you apply for a job in Canada. In many cases, you can try the trial version of the software for free – you should do this, to be better prepared for practical tasks that may occur in an interview.


When you hear an expression creative accounting, what do you imagine?

Creative accounting has various meaning for various people. Some of you for sure imagine illegal practice behind it. Some other just imagine using non-standard methods. Anyway, the right answer here is definitely that for you creative accounting means saving money of your clients, using unorthodox, but 100% legal methods of bookkeeping. By the way, you should be able to second your answer with an example of creative accounting you have used lately.


Accounting interview questions related to practical working tasks.

You should prepare for various questions that are related to accounting standards, financial planning and analyzing, or even auditing. However, you can hardly make any special interview preparation for such questions and tasks. Either you know your stuff, or you don’t…

Still, if you do not, you can visit some accounting lessons or courses to improve your skills. There is one website that specializes particularly only on the accounting interview questions, and it is It covers the topics that go beyond the purpose of I suggest you to check it out. Anyway, we wish you good luck on your way to accountancy job!

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