Account executive in work, we can see a man on a call, checking something on his computer screen while talking to the clientAn account executive is responsible primarily for retaining existing accounts, providing excellent customer service and advice to their representatives. Their secondary duty is to try to sign up new accounts for the company.

Touching both customer service and sales, account executive is a great job, and you can earn a lot, and learn a lot on this position. But how to succeed in an interview? What will the interviewers ask about? How will they test you?

They will use behavioral questions, to assess how you would act in various work related situations. They will ask some personal questions as well, trying to understand your motivation and attitude to the job. Last but not least, you will often have to demonstrate your customer service and sales skills in a role play. 

Let’s have a look at the questions now!

Interview questions for Account Executive job applicants

Why do you apply for a job of an account executive?

Try to focus on the value you can bring to the company. For example you can say that you believe to have good communication skills, that you have a good understanding for the needs of the clients, and know how to design and offer good solutions for them, that you believe you will help your employer to retain the accounts, and to sign up new accounts. You can also say that you like the job description, the working environment in the place, that you would enjoy working for them.


How do you imagine a typical day in job?

Try to show them that you can organize your day, and prioritize your tasks. Tell them that you would make a daily schedule each morning, and work accordingly. You can say that you will either work on finding new opportunities to help the clients, to upsell them, or, if there’s nothing to do for exiting clients, you will try to find a new client. The key is to show them that you like to be busy, that you always look for something to do, and do not just sit on your chair unless someone gives you an order.


Describe a situation when you were under pressure in work. How did you handle the pressure?

This job can be stressful, so you should show them (ideally on an example situation from the past) that you can handle pressure, and that it does not affect you negatively in your job. The more details you include in your answer, the better.


Imagine a client called you and said they had found a new supplier, and did not want to cooperate with us anymore. What would you do?

You can expect more questions that deal with real problems of a job. In your answer to this particular question, you should ensure the interviewers that you would do your best to retain the customer, for example with a new, better offer. And if nothing worked, you would at least try to understand why they decided to change their supplier, to ensure it would not happen with other customers.


Role play in the interview

Role play has become very popular recently. The interviewers will play a client, and you will play an account executive. Your task will be to either sell them something, or to deal with their complaint, or their request.
The exercise helps them to understand your readiness for the job, and it is an excellent way of assessing your customer service and sales skills. How to do well in this particular role play?

That is not an easy question…. You should definitely ask “the client” a lot of question, try to explain them the benefits they will gain from working with “your company”.

The interviewers do not expect a flawless sales talk from you. If they hire you for the job, they will provide you a training on how to do that. But they must see that you understand the basic nuances of selling, are not afraid of the task, and can lead a meaningful and relevant talk with the customers.


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